It's no secret that ABX and STV SLV, together the Hood Internet, are the premier masters of the mashup.

That somewhat questionable “art” seldom delivers any serious surprises, but when it does, the Chicago duo is almost invariably behind them.

The Hood Internet has nurtured a long-running love for tracks from the Anticon Records oeuvre, and the latest fruit of that kinda-sorta collaboration pits R&B freak-king R Kelly against L.A.'s rising star, Baths.

The latter's “Maximalist,” a joyous song that combines the lush melodic content of the chillwave movement with the surging beat-work of the Low End Theory crew, here becomes the backing track for R Kelly's 2005 reggaeton joint “Burn It Up.”

“Hot” doesn't begin to describe what happens.


Stream and download here or below.

The Hood Internet – Maximal Burns (R. Kelly x Baths) by hoodinternet

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