What is this, an episode of “Weeds”?

Although L.A. County voted down Prop. 19 overall — with 47.45 percent 'Yes' and 52.55 percent 'No' — San Fernando Valley's little boxes on the hillside squeaked out a majority 'Yes' on the controversial measure that would have legalized marijuana, siding with voters in L.A. proper.

The LA Daily News reports that exit polls released by Loyola Marymount show 50 percent of Valley voters supported the prop, while 48 percent sided with the ultimately triumphant 'No' camp. The city of L.A. voted 52 percent 'Yes' and 46 percent 'No' overall. (Exit polls don't always total 100 because they count responses that are left blank.)

Looks like we don't get to make fun of the Valley for being conservative anymore.

Unlike Mary Jane, Democratic candidates Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown gathered more votes from the rest of L.A. County — but still had no problem winning over the once-Republican San Fernando Valley. The former won with 58 percent and the latter with 55, according to the Loyola Marymount polls.

Another curious finding: White and Asian voters were more likely to support Prop. 19, while Black and Latino voters both leaned 'No.'

In an election that swung red in the rest of the country, California only sank more deeply Democrat. And with this kind of wild behavior from the Valley, who knows what could happen in 2012.

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