Can't say we saw this one coming. It's just come to West Coast Sound's attention that Factóide!, a blog in Brazil, is asking this searing question of Scottish indie-rock megastars Franz Ferdinand:

“It would be an inspiration in the soil, Foot Village?”

That's Google Translate speak for “Did those stripey shirt blokes steal moves from crazy-ass L.A. 'drum-n-shout' ensemble Foot Village?”

Foot Village leader Citizen Kinsman thinks the answer is “yes,” and the video evidence (plus other circumstantial bits) seems to back him up.

The Ferd is currently working its way through an extensive tour of South and Central America, where its been wowing crowds with a four-man standing drum solo which often finds singer Alex Kapranos hopping onto the band's gear and shouting like a crazed member of, well, Foot Village.

What's more, according to Kinsman, Kapranos made a high-profile stop-in at a November Foot Village gig in London at Barden's Boudoir.

“Lots of kids have said to us, 'I wish I was in Foot Village,' and we always tell them they should start an all-drum band of their own,” says Kinsman. “It's not a gimmick, and most bands in the world have similar instrumentation, so to be fair, even a famous band should be allowed to do it. On the other hand, I would try to elevate a smaller band I thought was doing amazing stuff — not just take their ideas.

“When it comes down to it,” he added, “I'm just jealous they get to go to South America and do the four-drummer thing. If they liked us so much, they should have hired us to play in the band. [Kapranos] didn't even make the effort to introduce himself at our show.”

Exhibit A, Foot Village performing at The Smell:

Exhibit B, Franz Ferdinand performing in São Paulo:

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