If you have a separate lens for your nice, pretty camera, you probably carry it in a special case. And if you do have such a special case, it probably is generic, bulky, and decidedly unfashionable. And if it is indeed generic and bulky and decidedly unfashionable, surely you have wished for a lens wrap that resembles a giant tortilla so that when you rolled up your lens in this “tortilla,” the result would look like a giant burrito.

For you wishful photographers, that day has come. With Photojojo's Photorito, your lens will be just as safely and tightly wrapped as the burritos at Tacos El Korita.

Photojojo is located in the Mission District, “The Burrito Capital of San Francisco.” Naturally, then, the company decided to create a lens wrap that looks like the Mission's unofficial food mascot. Whether your lens-filled burrito is Yuca's– or Chipotle-sized depends on the size of your gear: at 15 inches across, the Photorito will keep lenses between 24mm and 200mm as snug as a bug in a rug. The material itself is made of “super-tough Tyvek” that will protect against dirt, spilled salsas, and liquids. The inside is lined with neoprene for padding.

The Photorito is designed to give you the freedom to toss your lens safely (and gently) into almost any bag, at your ready should the time come to take a photo of an actual burrito. More than that though, Photojojo claims that “potential thieves will never suspect that you're packing glass instead of pico de gallo.” Rollin Hand the Photorito is not, but for $20 plus shipping, it's not too bad of a disguise. That is, until you unwrap it all and snap photo after photo of your dinner. Maybe the lens isn't the thing that should be donning the mask, hm?

LA Weekly