Sixties TV chef David Wade — “The Hollywood Gourmet” — wore a daft ascot and sports coat and cooked godawful food and talked with all the high-falutin' cluelessnes of a Tea Party parody of John Kerrey.

Sometimes, he even wrangled celebrities to appear on his syndicated show, which brings us to the remarkable discovery documented in this week's Studies in Crap post on our Style Council blog: a '68 Wade cookbook with alarming recipes from Gregory Peck, Jerry Lewis, and 'ol Moses himself, Charlton Heston.

Click on through, and you'll bear witness to Heston's Cheese Tuna Puff, taste-tested and everything. You'll also be treated to Wade's wildly grandiose language. Of his recipe “Doves Epicurean”:

“A dove dinner, cooked to a hunting man's epicurean taste, is a gourmet food concerto. After the partaking of these fine-feathered birds done to such intoxicating perfection, the sportsman can say with the epicure, 'Fate cannot harm me, for I have dined today.'”

Heaps more of the same await you over on Studies in Crap!

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