Upon its publication a couple weeks ago, our The 20 Worst Hipster Bands post was an immediate sensation, and quickly became the most-read post West Coast Sound has ever published. Even Questlove tweeted it, with the description: “No Vaseline.”

But that was cold comfort to our fact-checking department. In fact, we should have guessed there was a problem from the volumes of hate mail that poured in. Writer Paul T. Bradley and I got death threats, and someone even dedicated a tumblr blog to me. (Choice quote: OH MY GOD I HOPE A SHARK GIVES YOU A BLOWJOB.)



And so, in the wake of all this criticism — some of which focused on our lack of “research” — the writers of the post began poring through our notes, double-checking our facts and figures. Because, when you stake your career on an investigative report like this, it's important to convey the information with the utmost accuracy. Lives hang in the balance.

And it was during this process that we realized we'd made a horrible, horrible mistake, one which likely colors this entire affair.

Due to an error in our methodology too complicated to go into here, our assertion that MGMT is the 16th worst hipster band was incorrect. In fact, MGMT is the 17th worst hipster band. Meanwhile the band Fun. — whom we had placed at 17 — is actually the 16th worst hipster band.

West Coast Sound regrets the error, and will strive hard to regain your trust going forward. Or at the very least we'll continue to publish cheeky lists like this once in a while — to supplement the dozen or so profiles of overlooked local artists we do every month — and cross our fingers that y'all don't soil your pants every time. Because it's okay for someone to make fun of something you like without threatening them with death. Although, to be fair, that shark blow job thing was kind of flattering.

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