It's been a wonderfully wiggy/winky week in LA, but last night's bash at World of Wonder gallery for Rupaul's new TV reality competition Drag Race, definitely took the (pan)cake. 

Above, babes in line for RuPaul's Drag Race bash. Dresscode: color, sparkle and fake hair with flair.

The sheer number of cross-dressin' beautiful messes and makeup mastery on display made this the most bodacious queen scene we've seen in a long time, and that's saying something considering the fabulous fem-bots we covered in this week's Nightranger column and slideshow.

You'll have to wait til next week's Nightranger to get all the juice on the Ru rager but read on for some style wisdom acquired from getting Worn Out with the faux-y femmes this week. 

What Real Girls Can Learn From Drag Queens

1. Be Like A Rainbow. Have fun with makeup by trying bright colors. Wear fake lashes, line those lips and gloss 'em up baby. Glitter is your friend.

2. Get Cheeky. Not only does the fake cheek-to-cheek kiss save your exquisite lipstick application, but it avoids those nasty party germs too!

3. Be A Bee-yotch (Sometimes). Men in dresses have to have 'tude

if only as a defense against judgey types, but us real chicas need to

be tough too, especially when other gals bring the claws out on

the dance floor, ladies room or even in line at the supermarket.

4. Maximize the ASS-ets. Push-up bras, boobie cutlets, butt

pads. Do whatcha gotta do to look your best (just the leave the

enhancements at home if you're on a date or plan to hook up to avoid a

“yikes” moment).

5. Alter-Egos Are A Go. Beyonce's “Sasha Fierce” guise is such a queen thing and we love it.

6. Color Coordinating Is Not A Crime. (See photo above).

7. Prepare For People To Tinkle On Your Twinkle. Your

regal glow will attract admirers for sure, but there will be haters

too. It might even be an equally fab cross-dressin' fella who

thinks a real gal shouldn't shine as bright as he. Don't let it drag

ya down. He probably just wishes he had your shoes (or more likely,

your va-jay-jay). Kill him with kindness or kiss his ass a little.

Ultimately, that's what every female (real or not) wants, aint it?

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