Not sure if these two are a couple or not, but how cute are the color-coordinated layers here? Her plaid shirt and green tank perfectly complement his shirt with green striped vest.

Speaking of which, let's talk about the mustard/puke green men's vintage shirt for a moment shall we? It's a hipster nerd classic at this point and you know three things about the guy who wears it, especially when paired with spectacles and shaggy hair: 1) he collects old vinyl, 2) he probably lives in Silver Lake, Echo Parque or downtown and 3) he's cooler than you. Her pink plastic earrings throw a tacky wrench in the whole geeky chic of it all, but considering where we shot them -a colorful craft fair- they make style sense.

So, is matching with your man a do or a don't? Our hubby is an outdoorsy T-shirt and jeans type, while we like loud, '70s era frocks, so it's not really something we ever even consider, but we think complementary -not copy-cat- dressing can give a couple a sweet cache.

Speaking of nerdy cool and such, check out this week's Nightranger for scoop on Hollywood's Superbad freaks and geeks at La Boum at Bardot, plus Felt Club (where the above was taken) and The Part Time Punks Fest (where last week's Worn Out tees were shot).

No Nightranger column this Thursday, but enjoy the Weekly's special anniversary issue!

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