Our trip to Disneyland last week offered a sneak peak of the park’s Halloween makeover (fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas MUST check out the Haunted House this month!) but it also saw a near miss meeting with one of the tabloid world’s most obsessed-about twosomes (and the trail of paparazzi who flashed ‘em all over the park). Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson happened to pop into the happiest place on earth on the exact day we did, and though we never saw them in person, the next day these pics of ‘em were all over the net.

Cool Jack Skellington ears! Photo from Gossip Girls.

A few notes on their ensembles. It was seriously like a 100 degrees that day. So hot in fact, that we actually bought a dress at one of the Disney shops (purple with tiny Mickey trim) for relief from the broiling Rock & Republic blue jeans we wore there. This duo look cute in their matching skinny denims, but they had to be uncomfortably hot!

As for the flannels, these plaid shirts are a butchy staple, yes, but we’ve been seeing more and more of ‘em when we go out on both boys and ghouls (straight and gay). As the weather gets chillier, we predict the flannel will finally have the resurgence that’s been threatening to rear its grungy head for a few seasons now. Especially with these pics seen everywhere (including the cover of OK! mag this week, which essentially outs LL… again).

Speaking of “outings” Disney will surely see lots more flannel, not to mention rainbow accessories, when the annual homo hoedown called Gay Days takes over the park today, Oct. 3 through Oct. 5.

At last year's Gay Days: Momma is the queen of the ball as always (and is that Jenny Shimizu at her lap?)

Photo from gaydaysanaheim.com.

There’s been tons of talk on the blogs about Miley Cyrus “kicking out” the queers from the park on Sunday so she can host her own private birthday, but, according to the Gay Days website anyway, it’s a non issue. Here’s what they have to say:

“Yes, Miley Cyrus is having her birthday at Disneyland on Sunday, October 5 and Disneyland will be closing at 5pm that day. That's our scheduled day at Disney's California Adventure so we don't foresee any changes to Gay Days Anaheim. Although we would love her to come sing for us!”

Check out the Gay Days site for the complete G.D. schedule (with parties galore at Downtown Disney and the adjacent hotels, including one with our pal Momma (pictured in red above) hosting and Club Tigerheat’s Ray Rhodes on the decks!)…. Wish we were going!

We love Tigerheat. In fact, the club is part of this slideshow and accompanying piece in the LA Weekly’s Best of LA issue. Nightranger took a break this week, but pick up the very special edition of the paper featuring our staff’s “classic” bests in the city. In addition to “Clubs for girls who like boys who like to be girls,” this LL covered everything from “How to Get a Deal on Robertson Blvd” to “Best Club Makeovers.” Check it out all over the site, but be sure to pick up the glossy paper itself too. It's a keeper folks.

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