Though they're mostly associated with the trendy '80s workout wear resurgence of a couple years ago, the return of the legging –or rather legging(s)- looks to be more than a passing fad. Now that the temps are dipping in LA, we're seeing the booty-hugging Lycra-blend confections everywhere, and after dark especially, gals are fearlessly braving cameltoe and hip hangups by squeezing into 'em solo (no skirt)!

The Darling Stillettos, now led by former American Idol contestant Ryan Starr all donned super-shiny black ones during their performance last week, and their lithe bods obviously fit the look like a glam-gal glove. It was actually the most covered-up we've seen the dance (apparently now singing) group, though they still gave us the obligatory middrifts in bra-tops and leather vests. The addition of studded belts definitely takes this look to Guns n’ Roses video girl territory, but that’s to be expected, Matt Sorum is the Svengali behind these rocker Barbies.

We've been extending seasonal wear of our fave dresses by putting the black cotton/spandex staples underneath for several winters now, but the uber-liquidy, almost leather leg looks seen above and on everyone these days can be more challenging, even if they are cheap. Even the casual fashionista knows you can buy 'em at American Apparel for $42.

Unless you’re on stage, we suggest you keep your couchie covered, or at very least wear a looser fitting top (like the Golden gal gettin' down above, shot at Versus nightclub downtown). Worn under a mini or tunic, or contrasted with a loose vintage concert tee, even AA’s super-colorful calf-conscious metallic bottoms look chic at the moment. And if you don’t have Starr or legging fanatic Lindsay Lohan’s thighs, fret not. Try ‘em under your most flattering skirt length, with boots, or even with a slouchy sweater, and most importantly, don’t forget to have to have a KICK-ASS attitude!

More about The Darling Stilettos, Steel Panther, Karen O and Prince’s party pop-ins this week, plus Yo Gabba Gabba at Amoeba, and the groove-fest called The Do-Over’s final party, The Boo-over, all in this week’s Nightranger column and slideshow.

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