Daddy's off-kilter musical sensibility isn't all that's rubbed off on the Zappa clan. Moon Unit, Dweezil and Ahmet have shown their dexterity with melody (and even some acting), but Frank Zappa's youngest daughter Diva has a craft that's much more, well crafty.

Zappa's knitted wearables aren't your average beanie and mitten fair though. Her wares, which she calls “Hand Made Beauty” are pieces of art made from yarn, and she showed us just how stylish and unique they can look at a party we attended recently for songwriter Allee Willis.

The shawl/poncho/skirt piece here is one of her signatures and the glove added a colorful pow to her green dress. Okay, it was a bit too hot at the outdoor pool party for the wristlet (we actually asked her to model that one just for the pic), but now that Fall is on the horizon, we're definitely thinking about these kinds of cozy layering pieces.

Zappa's line is kinda pricey, but she approaches creating each one-of-a-kind piece as an artist, and from that perspective, it's actually a bargain. (In fact, she's showing at the hip “Candela Decker Gallery in New York starting tonight.)

Check out her website for more info. and check out this week's “Nightranger for more knitty-gritty from the Willis bash, plus the vampy new monthly mixer called Rock n' Roll Cabaret and drama surrounding Tatou night club.

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