2008 was pretty fierce fashion-wise. That's the conclusion we came up with after perusing through the hundreds of photos we snapped while crawling about the club scene for Nightranger. Of course, amid the hot to trot, there were definitely some nots, and this week, Worn Out takes a look at the unfortunate, the inappropriate and the just plain lame trends and failed attempts at style we saw out there. Let's put these out to pasture (along with the word “fierce” used for posterity at the start of this post) shall we?

Shutter shades just need to be shuttered already.

So do eyesore t-shirts (especially if they have shutter shades on them, ironic or not).

The Arab-style scarf needs to stay in the Middle East. Not because of what it does or doesn't represent (that Rachel Ray debacle was just silly), but because it's just not that cute (even in pink), on girls or guys. The above photo, however, is kinda sweet.

Quincy Jones' hot date didn't make up for his ugly hat at Smashbox during LA Fashion Week, and in general, we had mixed feelings about the mad

hatter look that seemed to be everywhere. Though some of the

tinier versions were kind of silly, the peeps who wore them -like the lasses below- had the charisma to pull 'em off. Still, we think '09

might be time say hats off, at least for li'l while…

Sweatsox and heels never work, no matter how hard you work it on the dance floor.

Just say no to looking like Latoya Jackson no matter what year it is.

Jared Gold's Fashion Week spectacle at Union Station was the highlight of the season, but we weren't biting his live crystal-covered cockroach jewelry.

Read about nightlife style's Top 8 trends in '08 in this week's Nightranger and see more looks that kill in our slideshow.

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