In a move Willy Wonka would approve of, See's Candies is bringing the world's largest lollipop, weighing in at 7,003 pounds, to their store at The Grove this Saturday, July 20. Because, of course, it's National Lollipop Day.

According to the Guiness World Record, the chocolate-flavored lollipop was created around this time last year at the candy company's lollipop factory in Burlingame, California. The lollipop candy alone stands 4-feet and 8.75-inches in length, 3-feet and 6- inches in width, and 5-feet and 11-inches in height. The stick is 11-feet,10-inches tall. The recorded weight above reflects of the candy alone.

See's Candies will set up its massive lollipop, which holds the current Guinness World Record, outside of its store. Meanwhile, the company will also give away free lollipops all day to customers who stop by at any of its 200 store locations nationwide — more incentive to stop and gawk at the one-year-old behemoth. Because it's much more fun to be given a sucker than to be one.

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