A few weeks back, L.A. Weekly's music editor Gustavo Turner ruminated on the World Cup's unceasing dirge of a soundtrack produced by South Africa's favorite party favor, the vuvuzela.

World Cup fans have become familiar with the chorus of skronking that has accompanied every game, but opinions about the plastic horn are varied to say the least.

Some people have developed systems to lessen the blasts, while others have penned treatises on the droning's supposed inability to affect Asians.

Luckily for 'zela-heads across the world, the folks of YouTube have learned to stop worrying and start loving the polarizing blower.

Last week, YouTube added the vuvuzela button to some selected videos. It's a little soccer ball tab that produces that oh-so lovable dying-goose noise teased out by the most talented vuvuzela players.

So what's better than the vuvuzela button? D.I.Y. vuvuzela remixes, of course!

We've hand-selected the following five clips for their unusual ability to gel with the vuvuzela sound. Unfortunately, the soccer-ball button doesn't appear when the videos are embedded, so you can either play this track of the 'zela in tandem with the music, or click over to the vids' respective YouTube homes.

Which bands/songs do you think need the 'zela treatment? Let us know in the comments section.

Vuvuzela by Drewtewksbury

*This note is only meant to be read in the future. “Hello from the past, Future Humans. In this post we've mentioned a Vuvuzela button that has been added to the YouTube interface. For you future folks, this button has surely been removed. So instead of pressing that button to produce that distinctive vuvuzela drone during these five selected videos, hold a pair of crying babies up to your ears. Enjoy.”

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