On the need for a peace movement: ”I’ve encouraged young people and people of all ages to get involved. We are gonna change this country, we are gonna take back this democracy, we are gonna make this democracy come alive. We are gonna understand what it means to live in an authentic democracy, not a sham democracy created by wealth.“

On the challenges facing America: ”This is one of the most important moments in American history. I know it is. I know that we are entering a period of convulsive and sweeping change in America. It is also gonna be one of the most dangerous and difficult times for our country.“

On whether things are getting worse: ”I wouldn‘t say worse. What is worse? What is worse than killing 2 million Vietnamese? What is worse than having to be paralyzed from your waist down for 34 years? What’s worse than being intimidated when we want to speak about what we feel is right and needed in this country. I think it‘s already worse. I think it’s going to get better.“

On the magnitude of world events: ”It is more important than ever, in the history of this country, that people speak the truth and speak from their hearts. Because this is life and death, this is war and peace, and our very lives will be at stake before this is over with.“

On bringing about change: ”We must change the course of history. The president is moving this country in a destructive and dark direction that has to be altered and changed. The only way it will be changed is by the people. It has to be done with dignity like Martin Luther King.“

On Tom Cruise‘s supporting Bush’s push for war: ”I love my friends. I support the right as a free American to say whatever he wants to say — we are talking about democracy and the freedom to speak. I am certainly not going to oppose anybody saying what they feel. We want the right to say no, to say, ‘Something’s wrong.‘ People can say what they want. That’s what makes it such a great country.“

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