Woolfy Loves Moz: SoCal indie dance dude Woolfy told us about his Morrissey experience.

Woolfy: The year was 1991 and I was fresh out of the confines of high school and entering into the freedom of the real world. While I was diving into the underground house scene, my emotions were still deeply attached to the music world of alternative, new wave and goth.

The night was February 6th, 1991. I was finally getting the chance to see my absolute hero of my teenage life. The forum in Los Angeles was buzzing,. I was still rocking the floral shirts, daffodils and creepers while the new wave of Moz heads had transitioned into more of a rockabilly style with rolled up jeans and white T’s. It was the perfect time to get to see Morrissey, posts The Smiths and at the dawn of his solo career.

Lights go down and out comes the man. If I remember correctly he started the set with ‘Suedehead’, the guitar riff alone ignited the crowd with electricity. Every song, every word, every note was sang perfectly by him and the crowd alike. Then, the stage went completely dark. A silhouette of Morrissey was still standing center stage. “ I was dancing when I was 12 “ , T.  Rex’s Cosmic Dancer begins, then came a familiar voice from the back of the stage, a voice you had grown up with, a voice you had idolized, the voice of a God.

Out walks David Bowie, “I was dancing when I was 8.” I lost my mind completely, I cried, I laughed, I prayed, I may of even pissed myself. Never in my 18 years did I think. Two of my absolute kings on stage. Together. Fuck’s sake, take me now. And that was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Woolfy Loves Moz: Woolfy’s Shooting Stars EP is out now.

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