Aw, how romantic.

A new survey by the women's lifestyle site iVillage indicates that two-thirds of married women would almost rather do anything than have sex with their men.

(Way to serve your ladies, guys.)

In fact, according to an iVillage statement, a vast majority of ladies would rather …

… watch a movie, go to a spa, get on Facebook, or chat with friends …

But that's not all. Guys really come out looking good:

Nearly four out of five (78 percent) married women say their sex lives are predictable.

Nearly one out of every four ladies (23 percent) said they would definitely cheat on their husbands if they knew for sure that their men would never find out.

And almost one in two (49 percent) of the better halves say they fantasize about doing it with another man.

Finally, less than one out of two women (46 percent) say they ended up marrying the mate who gave them the best sex.

The survey asked 1,001 married women ages 18-49 about their sex lives last month. Liz Zack, editorial director of love and sex for iVillage:

This research sets the record straight: married women definitely value good sex in their relationships …

This is also fair warning for guys to get their acts together and gear up for Valentine's Day: chocolate, Champagne, dinner and fine leather accessories are always good. And remember, iVillage calls the week before the big date night “We want sex week.”

Get the hint?

Good luck.

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