Turns out the town that inspired Three's Company, Melrose Place and The Hills is a top 10 city for bachelorette life.

That according to a rent.com survey unleashed today that looked at top cities for single women.

Los Angeles, with all our swimming pools, movie stars, universities, foodie joints, pretty boys and nightclubs, only made it to …

… No. 7 on the list. We were beat out by Phoenix (No. 1), Seattle (No. 2), Austin (No. 3), Denver (No. 4), Washington, D.C. (No. 5) and Chicago (No. 6). At least we beat Las Vegas (No. 8), New York (No. 9) and San Jose (No. 10).

This was spun to us as a good thing — we made No. 7, yay! But common now. You think L.A., the nation's second-largest metropolis and home to Hollywood and the Entourage lifestyle, isn't the place to be for young ladies? And where's Miami? WTF.

Anyway, here's what rent.com had to say about our fair city:

Los Angeles, CA makes the list for both bachelors and bachelorettes because of its legendary nightlife and fairly equal ratio of single men to single women. Hip beaches make LA the perfect spot for California girls hoping to catch an eligible bachelor. For the hottest restaurants and live music, the Sunset Strip is the place to see and be seen.

But Phoenix, apparently, has more men than women. And extremely hot desert. So, yeah. Forget about that 78 degree beach in summer you'll encounter in L.A. Go east, young ladies. There are leathery men in that there sand.

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