As Valentine's Day approaches, it might be time for some of you slobs to think about getting your acts together.

We're specifically looking at you lonely men who need to get a jobby-job, start dressing in something better than Aldo shoes, jeans and your “going-out shirt” and stop driving around in that dirty old pickup truck. At least if you want to find a decent woman to hang out with on Valentine's Day.

Wait, scratch that part about the pickup truck:
The independent insurance website surveyed 2,000 licensed adult drivers and found that women prefer a man in a good ole' pickup. According to a statement from the site:

Women say attractive men tend to drive black Ford pickup trucks.

Yeehaw! Amy Danise, editorial director of, explained the truck fetish:

A full-size truck implies that you can fix a leaky pipe. Regular $100 fill-ups suggest that you're not money-obsessive. And regular $100 fill-ups also suggest that you regularly have $100.

A truck-drivin' man might not smell too good, but he's is a manly man through and through. And a majority of women (53 percent) chose black as the most attractive vehicle color, the site said. That's a tough-guy tone.

If the survey looked only at the L.A. area, we're sure the ladies' number two choice for man-rides, the sports car, would have won. Here's the whole list, with the percentage of women who chose each vehicle:

1. Pickup trucks: 32 percent
2. Sports cars: 27 percent
3. SUVs: 16 percent
4. Sedans: 11 percent
5. Hybrid or electric: 9 percent
6. UPS truck: 4 percent
7. Minivans: 2 percent
8. Mail truck: 1 percent

Credit: Classy! Photo via Alden Jewell/Flickr.

Credit: Classy! Photo via Alden Jewell/Flickr.

The most-attractive makes for women were Ford (16 percent), Chevrolet (13 percent) and Porsche (11 percent), according to

The guys found that the most-attractive ladies came in sports cars, specifically BMWs. Go figure. Here's the survey's lady-car list:

1. Sports cars: 39 percent
2. Sedans: 22 percent
3. SUVs: 20 percent
4. Pickup trucks: 10 percent
5. Hybrid or electric vehicle: 6 percent
6. Minivans: 4 percent

(It's official: No one in a minivan is getting laid).

Men like their women in BMWs (16 percent), Mercedes-Benzes (14 percent) and Porsches (10 percent), the data shows. The top colors? Red (40 percent), black (23 percent) and silver (14 percent).

So men who drive pickups like women who drive expensive German cars? Sounds to us like American men, once the so-called breadwinners, are looking for educated sugar mamas.

But beware these vehicular turn-offs, for both sexes, according to Cigarette butts in your ashtray, trash on your seats and playing crappy music too loud.

Now go get your car washed. We hope you all find sweet rides on Feb. 14.

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