Women Can Do It All: Senior Director of Foxit, Alisa Fetic, Shares Her Story of Success and Why Equality in the Workplace Is a Non-negotiable

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From the beginning of the 20th century, women have taken their place in the workforce through their resiliency and genius. In the past decade alone, they have made extraordinary strides in the business world and beyond. From entrepreneurs to corporate leaders, they continue to break barriers and transform industries with their innovative ideas.

Not only that, but they are an undeniable driving force for economic growth. According to recent studies, the increased participation of women in business activities can lead to greater economic prosperity. For example, women-owned businesses are a significant contributor to the economy, generating millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in revenue each year. So if the goal is to create a more prosperous and sustainable economy, this is the way forward.

However, it is important to acknowledge the underrepresentation they still face in the upper echelons of corporate America – still present today and in the near future. For this reason – and to change the perception of working women – it is crucial to celebrate and recognize the success stories that have paved the way for others.

Born in Montenegro, formerly known as Yugoslavia, Alisa Fetic now stands as a senior director at Foxit, a global pdf solutions company, where she is working with the iDox.ai team to grow the business. Later she would know that her story would serve as an inspiration to others.

Due to the political climate, she and her family fled their country when she was just a 2-month-year-old infant and came to America with $100 and a dream – the American dream. Through hard work and perseverance, she became the first one to graduate college in her family and earn a seat as a leader managing global teams. She always enjoyed technology and remembers getting her first laptop and learning to code on sublime text. Today she stands perfectly at the crossroads of her passion and managerial talent.

“One key piece of advice that stuck with me was to get out of my comfort zone and go where the opportunities are. Remember you have places to go, people to impact, and a purpose to serve!” Alisa shared.

The best advice is often the most straightforward – although redundant, they have been repeated continually for a reason.

“Lead with authenticity and unapologetically go for it! The tech industry is constantly evolving and requires diverse collaborators, contributors, and trailblazers to ensure that the technology we use daily is made by people with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and introspections. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a network of women at Foxit and iDox.ai who lead by example every day,” she added.

 Alisa’s story proves that with dedication, resilience, and hard work, anyone can achieve success.

Fortunately, more and more companies are speaking up about the inequalities women face and ensuring fair opportunities for all their employees – iDox.ai being one of them.

Women hold so much power, especially as a collective. Though it is not always sunshine and rainbows, the work that they do today, makes tomorrow brighter and more accessible.

Simply put, they bring a distinctive set of perspectives and skills to the table, which are essential for fostering innovation and driving progress in the business world. Their leadership and success can serve as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of aspiring business leaders.

In order to keep the ball rolling and add more value to the table,  gender equality must be proactively promoted within the workplace. Doing so can create a more inclusive and equitable business environment that benefits all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and shareholders alike.

Visit iDox.ai today to learn more about their values and see how they incorporate equality in their mission.

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