Lisa Chiya has dedicated her life to giving it. 

She has endeavored to help people build their families, connecting eager parents with loving egg donors and selfless surrogates through her agency Genesis Egg Donor & Surrogacy Group, Inc.

“I am the president of the Genesis Group,” Chiya introduces herself. “We are an egg donation and surrogacy agency. We help people build their families.”

Even though it’s 2020, the process behind these avenues of family planning are still a mystery to some. But with Chiya’s guidance, it’s a fairly straightforward process that offers an end to the challenging fertility journey that people find themselves in. 

How does it work? “We screen the egg donors and surrogates to match with the intended parents and facilitate the process from beginning to end,” she explains simply. “I would love for surrogacy and egg donation to become topics that are no longer in the shadows. One out of eight people struggle with fertility, often in silence. Surrogacy has become less taboo with the help of celebrities, but egg donation still has a ways to go.”

Her field is a fascinating and fulfilling one, acting as facilitator of dreams and life itself. How did she become president of such an incredible company? 

“I never in my wildest dreams thought I would end up in the fertility industry. It wasn’t a field I even knew about. As I recollect on my life, it all makes sense to me now that I ended up where I did,” she confides. “I grew up without a mother – my mom passed away when I was two from a brain aneurysm. I didn’t come from a big family, so growing up I built my own surrogate family members through my friends.”

“Now I help couples and individuals build their family through egg donation and surrogacy,” she says, explaining the natural progression of her life. 

The strongest testimonial for her company is the one she gives herself: “I am the president of the Genesis Group and a happy client too. I personally needed to go through IVF and surrogacy to build my family. I carried my first son and am grateful to have found two surrogates that carried my two other children.”

And those three children are her absolute world. “I’m obsessed with them,” she laughs happily. 

Her advice for others seeking professional and personal fulfillment? 

“The difference between success and failure is often linked to an individual’s will. Have the will, perseverance and grit to not give up on your goals. I always say life is brutally unfair, so you need to be prepared to fight for what you want.”

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