Update, May 28: The woman has been identified as 21-year-old Bradley, California resident Kimiya Ferrahi. According to the Monterey County Sheriff's Department's report, Ferrahi – while high on acid – chased festival-goers with a “large kitchen knife,” and charged LiB security staff and deputies. 

A festival-goer was tasered by police at Lightning in a Bottle tonight, just after 6 pm.

According to people in attendance, the woman was wielding a knife and waving it at the crowd at the music and arts festival, which is being held this weekend at San Antonio Recreation Area, in Monterey County.

Attendees also report that the woman, who has not been identified, also stole and briefly drove around in a festival cart.  

Credit: Mary Grace Cerni

Credit: Mary Grace Cerni

She was apparently tasered two or three times by members of the Monterey County Sheriff's department. Monterey County park rangers were also present.

After one of the taserings, a male associate of the woman seemed to be pleading for her to drop the knife. When, after a minute or two, she failed to do so, she was tasered again, held down on the ground, face down, and cuffed. She was then put in a police vehicle and driven away.  

The Monterey County Sheriff's department said they had no information about the incident. 

Russell Ward, publicist for the DoLab, which puts on the event, says that he and the organization didn't yet have much information either on what exactly occurred. “The appropriate people have connected with law enforcement,” he says. “We have a ranger staff deeply connected with fest. This issue was handled quickly and gracefully.”

“We have a good rapport with law enforcement, and a great internal team and we've worked closely with them to keep our guests safe and secure,” he adds. “It is an individual and isolated occurrence.”

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