Jaimiee Grubbs, one of three women being reported as possible part-time mistresses to golf pro Tiger Woods, was on staff at a San Fernando Valley medical marijuana dispensary as recently as a month ago, according to RadarOnline.

Grubbs has been described as a waitress and reality show hopeful who reportedly met Woods in Las Vegas in 2007 and

carried on a 31-month affair with the sports legend. She never said she clocked in at a pot shop, however. The revelation could put a national spotlight on the city's burgeoning, over-the-counter marijuana business, which has seen much feet dragging when it comes to City Hall's half-baked efforts to control the often-illicit business.

In fact, maybe describing Grubbs as having worked at California Organic Remedies on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City is the wrong way to put it. You see, under state law, medical marijuana “collectives” aren't really supposed to be trading cash for weed with anyone who walks through the door holding a prescription. They were really intended to be nonprofit membership groups that grow and provide medicine to the “seriously ill.” It's a fact often lost on the Los Angeles City Council, which seems intent on allowing storefront narcotics sales to fester until a court steps into stop the madness.

Interestingly, when we called California Organic Remedies, one of the 545 pot shops in the city that the Weekly found were actually operating, a worker there corrected us when we asked if Grubbs had “worked” there. “If somebody's here,” he said, “they're only volunteering.”

Ah, spoken like a true lawyer. (Check out LA Weekly's investigation into the largely unregulated nature of pot dispensaries here. Check out our list [PDF] of city pot shops here).

Grubbs helped to blow the Woods scandal into the stratosphere, by the way, by revealing voicemail messages from Woods. She said he left one three days before the bizarre accident outside his

Florida home last week in which he ran into a tree with his SUV and his wife was

found standing over him, possibly with a golf club.

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