A couple in Scotland recently experienced everyone's worst email nightmare come to life. The female half of the hetero duo, Melanie Anderson, was alerting her co-workers that the sandwich van had arrived outside, and when she forwarded the email, she also sent along with it a string of sexually explicit notes she had been exchanging with her fiance, Eric Knisz.

Obviously, the email immediately went viral, and now here we are, in L.A., talking about it.

The notes weren't as graphic as they could have been — the worst one was “I loved our session last night…you were very very wet!” In fact, most of the emails were more amusing than arousing. They refer to their lovemaking sessions as “ace” and at one point Anderson calls Knisz a “sexy mofo.”

Folks on Twitter had a particularly good time with the email chain, giving the the hashtag #sandwichvan.

Sadly, the couple was embarrassed enough by the incident to quit their jobs. No doubt it would have blown over soon enough, but they'll probably forever be known as the #sandwichvan no matter where they go to work.

Here's the exchange in full.

LA Weekly