UPDATE: It turns out that this viral video was a big fat set up.

The West Coast's response to the New York City catcall-video-gone-viral is one, recently posted on YouTube (see it below), that has a woman acting drunk on Hollywood Boulevard to see what happens.

“I've had a little too much to drink,” she says, holding a beverage in a brown paper bag. “Let's see if anyone will help me get home.”

As she stumbles around a well-trafficked Walk of Fame, the actor who calls herself Jennifer tells men “I'm trying to find the bus to Culver City.”


As with the New York video, in which a woman is subjected to nonstop come-ons and comments about her looks as she simply walks down a sidewalk, men don't exactly rise to the occasion in L.A.

The video, posted by self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” Stephen Zhang, asks, “Guys, how would you react if a super drunk young woman came up to you like this?”

We reached out to Zhang but did not hear back.

During the shoot, one man grabs Jennifer's wrist. She asks for help and says, “Where we going to go?” He says, “To my house.”

“There's a bus line … right in front of my house,” he says. “It's right there. Waterbed, I got all of that.”

Soon, before they can get too far down the sidewalk, she reveals her signature gotcha by straightening up and saying, “Actually I'm feeling better now. Thanks.”

The man's jaw drops, and he appears to mouth the words, “What the.”

One man seems more chivalrous, at least on camera, as he helps a stumbling Jennifer down the stairs of Hollywood & Highland Center.

Another man says he wants to “hang out, go back to my spot. I just want to help you so much.” Then he walks her to his apparent ride, an empty tour bus stopped at a nearby curb.

Two guys almost do battle over Jennifer as one who had wooed her with “I'll take you to my place—I got some more beer too” gets tapped out by a bigger man who says, “Woh, woh, woh, you're not going home with him. She's coming with me.”

We're still not sure if we have New York men beat when it comes to bottom-feeding behavior, but one thing is clear: It's perilous out there for a drunk woman.

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