Hotel Bel-Air: Swan Pond

We don't know whether the swans at the recently reopened Hotel Bel Air are unionized, but several other Wolfgang Puck employees resolved a major labor dispute this week. On Tuesday, a judge gave preliminary approval to a $500,000 settlement that resolved claims by nearly 2,000 current and former employees of Wolfgang Puck Catering and Events who alleged wage and hour violations.

The case involves 1,891 people who have worked for the company from September 2006 until the present.

That includes bartender Steven Calabro, who filed suit in September 2010 and sought class-action status for the case, according to the Beverly Hills Courier: “He maintained he and other non-exempt employees were denied compensation for missed meal periods and rest breaks, were given inaccurate wage statements and were not paid final wages when due.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Green has scheduled another hearing for June 25 to consider final approval of the accord.

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