With Sondra C. Baker: the story so Far

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At her core you’ll discover her sophisticated, worldly and uniquely versatile ability with people, from all walks of life. The heartfelt connections she makes, combined with her meticulous design aesthetic, are the driving force behind what has become her work and her identity. Her ability to relate across the room and across the world is palpable.

She began her career in the 90’s in Los Angeles as an actress, appearing on signature shows like Cheers, Who’s the Boss and The Young and the Restless.  Her entrepreneurial drive was sparked during that time, when she recognized the demand for home delivery created by LA’s then burgeoning restaurant scene. She founded Why Cook? with two friends, LA’s first “high-end” restaurant delivery service. Sondra and her partners built a network of LA’s finest restaurants – when nothing like it existed in the city – and created a team and culture to support the growing business. In an industry and city not known for longevity, Why Cook? is still thriving today, nearly 30 years later.

In the early 2000s, Sondra relocated to New York City where she took on the role of design consultant for one of New York’s most innovative media research/data companies, IAG Research. As the company grew, Sondra created the environments that nurtured the dynamic company, ultimately overseeing the build-out of a 35,000+ square-foot location on Park Avenue South. In 2008, IAG was purchased by the Nielsen Company for $250M, in part to help bring innovation into its culture, and many of her “open floor” design concepts were adopted by Nielsen as part of Nielsen’s then private equity backed turnaround plan.

Following IAG’s acquisition, Sondra had the observation that women share and seek out information differently than men in making buying decisions and decided to start a company to provide tools for women to share insights and receive recommendations based on their location, interests and stage of life.  The company, WeDiscover, Inc. built an innovative search technology called “relevant search” which is now patented.

In 2018, Sondra was introduced to Shochu, Japan’s #1 spirit – a spirit she had never tasted (or heard of).  Intrigued, Sondra decided to travel to Japan to learn more.  She experienced Shochu’s 500 year-old history, the many deeply rooted cultural traditions, and the wonderful people behind this ancient meticulous craft.  She was inspired … and wanted to share this “beautiful discovery” with others. She reached out to her longtime friend Bruce Bozzi, and MUJEN was born.

Fast forward to today, MUJEN is having its moment, winning accolades for its clean refreshing taste and beautiful design aesthetic & presentation.  With their unique team of culturally influential backers and friends, Sondra & Bruce are building growing community of ardent MUJEN fans, and a new category of spirits in the United States,

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