Like many of us, comic Patton Oswalt was shocked and saddened by the suicide of David Foster Wallace. Oswalt wrote on his blog, “Why the fuck would someone so in touch with camouflaged, mystic dimensions want to leave the feast? I’m not anti-suicide in general. But in specific cases — and specifically in the case of David Foster Wallace — I’m very anti-suicide. I demand that minds and souls like his stick around. Maybe he was sick. Maybe he’d swallowed a moral compromise that was chewing its way out of his soul. I hope not. And I hope despair over the state of our world wasn’t what sent him into the dusk latitudes. If someone as wise and funny and wonderful as Wallace wanted out, then there’s no reason for 80 percent of us to grip the safety bar.” Oswalt probably won’t be so morose at Patton Oswalt & Friends.

Mon., Sept. 29, 8:30 p.m., 2008

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