Witch Vomit Enjoys General Surgery: Filth from Portland extreme metal troupe Witch Vomit (gotta love that name) told us about his General Surgery experience.

Filth: Holy shit, best gig I ever saw? Well, as I’m thinking I might as well drop some honorable mentions as I dig to find the right one. Convulse and Bolt Thrower at MDF 2013… King Diamond on Halloween in L.A., or going to Seattle for the Broken Hope reunion are close.

But to keep it local it had to be General Surgery, Engorged, Funerot and Superbad at Satyricon in 2009. The show started far later than expected on a weekday, locals Superbad crushed it with their energetic grind, Funerot came in with their humorous/pissed crossover, Engorged killed it with their memorable sound bites and unrelenting mosh riffs and catchy thrash topped with blast beats.

Then, as people began to get tired out came General Surgery who brought the perfect mix of gore and comic relief. There was a two person circle pit throughout most of their set and hardly anyone stayed. But because of the 10 dollar show at the legendary Satyricon, seeing the Swedish goregrinders will always stand out to me.

Witch Vomit Enjoys General Surgery: Witch Vomit’s Abhorrent Rapture album is out now.

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