WISHFUL DRINKING Those who were beguiled by Carrie Fisher’s actress-interrupted memoir, Postcards From the Edge, will find themselves wondering where the author’s tight line delivery and nimble shifts of thought went in this one-woman show. Fisher moves awkwardly onstage and, on opening night, her lack of concentration led to a number of booted lines. (It didn’t help that the script was scrolling on a balcony monitor for her benefit.) One would think that even if Fisher isn’t a natural standup performer, as an actor she could at least play one. Perhaps worse, though, she resists the temptation to settle into any extended anecdotes or even that reliable catnip of recovery show-and-tell, the Day I Hit Bottom confession. Instead, her show becomes a quickly reviewed résumé of her life’s more embarrassing moments, punctuated by a few aphoristic observations. GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE, 10886 Le Conte Ave., Wstwd.; schedule varies, call for info; thru Dec. 24. (310) 208-5454 or www.geffenplayhouse.com. (Steven Mikulan) See Stage feature next week.

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