It's official: America loves cheesy garlic bread over Sriracha and chicken 'n' waffles. At least, in potato chip form. Lay's announced Wisconsin native Karen Weber-Mendham's flavor as the winner in its “Do Us a Flavor” contest on Monday. The contest in one form or another has been around since last summer.

This means a couple of things. For one, cheesy garlic bread will continue to be available at your nearest grocery store for the rest of 2013 — and Weber-Mendham will be $1 million (or 1% of all sales, depending on the higher figure) richer as a result. More important for the rest of us, this concludes the commercials featuring the somewhat unlikely spokesduo of Michael Symon and Eva Longoria calling on us to vote for our favorite flavor.

It may have seemed the flavor contenders were unusual, but for Frito-Lay, branching into flavors that appeal to a designated market is just doing business as usual.

In China, Lay's Ruffles come in hot-and-sour fish soup, cheese lobster, Pepsi and chicken flavors, as well as numb and spicy hot pot. At a grocery store in Greece, you might see a bag of tzatziki-flavored chips. And, according to the Associated Press, Russians in Moscow are all about the red caviar chips.

When the chips were first made available to the public in February, we held a casual taste test among editors and staff writers at the Weekly. Chicken 'n' waffles barely edged out the other two flavors by one strong vote. That was one editor who said unequivocally that she would eat the chips outside of the taste test. The rest of the feedback was mixed at best, with more than enough servings of ambivalence.

Just goes to show, with some flavors we can eat just one.

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