Drago Centro: cerignola olives

Starting today, Celestino Drago's downtown outpost of haute Italian cuisine, Drago Centro, is hosting a week-long Twitter contest with one daily winner receiving a custom truffle tower created by pastry chef Jashmine Corpuz.

To enter, tweet @DragoCentro (in 140 characters or less) the truffle flavor that best expresses your romantic relationship or tells a story about your union. One winner — chosen for creativity, sentimentality, humor and originality — will be selected each day. (Details here.)

The contest begins today and ends on Friday, February 11th. In addition to the daily truffle giveaway, one grand-prize winner, also to be chosen this Friday, will also receive a $100 gift certificate to the “grand” and “spectacular” Drago Centro. Perfect for a little freshly hunted pheasant or some braised oxtail risotto.

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