Willie Nelson is Still an Outlaw: It’s worth remembering that, while country music is often considered the playground of the “good ol’ boys” — hyper-conservative, nationalistic, and racist — two of that world’s most iconic (and best) artists are outspoken liberals. Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson are indeed national treasures. With Nelson, his “outlaw country” status has always made it easier for him to access a crossover audience, even if legalized marijuana allows him to take it a little easier in his old age.

On Saturday, he’s bringing some like-minded friends to Irvine for his Outlaw Fest. The Avett Brothers, G’ovt Mule and Lucinda Williams will celebrate the grimier, more fun side of country alongside Nelson and god bless them for it.

Willie Nelson is Still an Outlaw: The event takes place at 4:25 p.m. on Saturday, October 16 at FivePoint Amphitheatre.

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