In her $160 million or so of self-funded campaigning (yeah — it's up to $160-mil-plus now), Meg Whitman boasts that she ran a major corporation, eBay, so she'll have no trouble making Sacramento more efficient and businesslike if she's elected California's governor.

But what about her mommy skills? Reports suggest that her boys are more trouble than a Democratic state legislature trying to stuff pork into the latest budget. Gawker has the latest on William Harsh (described hilariously by Salon as “the younger, more racist, but less violent son”), who was in court in New Jersey this week to face a careless driving charge that might have stemmed from an injury accident.

Harsh is a Princeton student who has had previous run-ins with police at the Ivy League school.

Already, Gawker notes, Whitman son Griffith Harsh has been “arrested twice and accused of rape.”

Um. That's okay Meg. California is just one big problem child. Sounds like you have experience in that area too.

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