It's official! Updated after the jump with the royal couple's dates of stay.

Paparazzi alert! Y'all can take a break from heckling Paris Hilton and her belligerent stalkers for a couple days this summer, because brand-spankin'-new royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton (excuse us, William and Catherine of Cambridge) plan to duck into Hollywood for a spell in early July.

And if there's one thing tabloid-gobblers love more than the young panty-flashing set, it's the do-no-wrong foreign fairytale set. Anything Royal Wedding = Swoontime!

Deadline Hollywood noticed the breathless travel announcement on the Morton Report this afternoon:

Royal aides have penciled in a two day visit to Hollywood at the end of their tour of Canada which takes place in late June and early July. It will be their first overseas visit as a married couple. At this stage details are sketchy — the royal honeymoon was canceled at short notice — but early July is the date that aides are talking about.

Andrew Morton guesses the visit may have been set up by London-Hollywood crossovers David Beckham and Posh Spice (excuse us, Victoria Beckham), as the Bel Air residents were recently invited to that glorious union the rest of us watched bleary-eyed on the couch, scarfing leftover Easter candy like the commoners we are.

But anyway: Welcome in advance to Cambridge's (and the universe's) hottest new couple! We recommend you two steer clear of actual Hollywood, as it's not quite as glamorous as it's made out to be, but we aren't above recommending a daytrip to Universal Studios.

Posh and Becks at the Royal Wedding

Posh and Becks at the Royal Wedding

And please — do try to use the private horse-drawn helicopter whenever possible. Mega-celebrities do nasty, nasty things to our surface streets. We can just see the hashtag now: #RoyalTraffic.

OK, one last thing. Pippa's attendance will be mandatory. Thanks in advance.

Update: No more rumors — Kate and Wills are comin' through. And no pesky Osama bin Laden firefight can interrupt their travel plans this time!

E! Online reports that the couple will arrive to California on July 8, and will stay three whole days until July 10. No official itinerary yet, but we've been hearing some major rally cries for a stop by the Chinese Theater, and perhaps an evening with “The Dude” would tickle their classy British fancies?

This is Kate's first-ever visit to the U.S., so we expect to see everyone on their best behavior. No matter how much royal leg from she flashed from under those honeymoon dresses. Schwing!

Originally posted May 2 at 1:35 p.m.


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