That Newsweek cover was creepy enough: Princess Diana, digitally aged and strolling alongside her new daughter-in-law as if Our Lady had survived the limo accident that shook the world.

But at a posh unveiling Wednesday afternoon, Beverly Hills artist Steven Vaughan gave Tina Brown a run for her creepiness with “Ordinary People, William and Kate” — a smooth, uber-realistic paint job that depicts newlyweds William and Kate basking in the glow of Angel Diana.

The piece — prominently displayed at the prestigious David W. Streets Gallery on Santa Monica Boulevard — takes royal-obsession shrinage to a new level. Reporters from Patch Beverly Hills, investigative devils that they are, snapped some photo evidence:

Credit: Patch

Credit: Patch

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will probably be too busy schmoozing with pols and frolicking with inner-city children to stop by the gallery and observe their likeness, but we're sure they'd be thrilled to see someone thinks they have hair and boobs, respectively.

And as for Diana: Gallery owner Streets tells Patch that he worked alongside the princess “on several charity events in the 1980s,” so this might really hit home for her, seeing as a portion of the proceeds from the painting, and the prints made from it (yes, this thing is about to multiply into dozens of little creepers), will go toward Jenny McCarthy's autism organization and two other charities.

This just keeps getting better.

“It is, hopefully, a beautiful piece of art,” the artist tells Patch. “But it was also created to help out some really beautiful causes.”

Wills and Kate will be passing through Beverly Hills on Friday evening for a tech summit at the Beverly Hilton, located just over a half-mile west of the gallery where “Ordinary People” now hangs. Crazy, right?

In slightly less wholesome Royal Couple news, Kate totally wore the same pair of pants three times in a row on the recent Canada tour. FYI: That won't fly in L.A., girl. Your angel of a predecessor would have known better.


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