In the days following Michael Jackson's passing, the King of Pop's music has turned into the soundtrack for daily life. From tributes on local radio stations like KJLH 102.3 FM and in virtually every club across Los Angeles to sound files transmitted from Blip.fm to Twitter to Facebook, both the big hits and long-forgotten jams have seeped back into the public consciousness. While this has made for booming business for record sellers across the globe, it's hard not to wonder if Jackson's work could serve some greater purpose.

Enter a group of seemingly unconnected YouTube users who have taken the premise of the fan video– combining a song and imagery to pay tribute to a band, film or TV series– and turned it into a show of solidarity with Iranian protesters. Since last week, new Michael Jackson/Iran Demonstration mash-ups have been popping up on the popular video sharing site daily, begging the question, will the King of Pop become the Voice of Dissent?

Below is a small sampling of what we've found in recent days. Please be forewarned, all of the videos herein contain footage that might be considered too graphic for some viewers.

Song: “Young Folks” (Jackson 5)

Video Creator: soofn1

Relevant Lyrics:

“We say yes/ And you say no/ We ask you why/ And you close the door/ My old friend I thought you knew by now, yeah/ You can't do that to the young folks”

Song: “They Don't Really Care About Us”

Video Creator: snipah66

Relevant Lyrics:

“Tell me what has become of my rights?/ Am I invisible because you ignore me?”

Song: “Cry”

Video Creator: LosAngelesK

Relevant Lyrics:

“Stories buried and untold/ Someone is hiding the truth (Hold on)/ When will this mystery unfold?”

Song: “Man in the Mirror”

Video Creator: MJChangeTheWorld

Relevant Lyrics:

“Who am I to be blind?/Pretending not to see their need”

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