Adam Kuban/Flickr

What do you do when you're so musically talented that you can express everything in your head with melody and emotion? Like when asking for cheese on your No. 4 tater tots? Watch the charming video of vocalist and guitarist Giorgio Fareira doing what comes naturally for him at the Sonic drive-in by singing his order to the woman on the other end of the PA.

We have to wonder what the woman's co-workers were thinking as she was giggling her ass off while taking Fareira's order over her headset. It's the kind of fun, random thing we wish would happen to us at work when we answer the phone, and some musically gifted person starts serenading us about the TPS reports.

While we're not big fans of Sonic's food and are mildly horrified at the cost of this order, we think this was the best $34.82 that a young musician could have spent to get some truly positive attention for his band, The Interstate Life. Rockstar wanna-bes take note: This is the way to do it, not by blockading the 101 freeway.

Shuji Sakai writes about the Ke$ha of breakfast burritos and singers ordering food at Sonic that sound like that Counting Crows guy. Follow him on Twitter and

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