Despite evidence that the recently approved “Subway to the Sea” down the Wilshire Corridor would do little to ease congestion (yet would cost you $9 billion and counting), Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this week continued to tout his vanity project as “the grandaddy of them all, without question … when it comes to relieving congestion.”

While most Metro riders, who tend to speak more Spanish and have lower incomes than the rest of L.A., really prefer improved bus service over a bells-and-whistles subway that would take them to the Latino mecca of Westwood, some still prefer that the city gets with the rest of the world and establishes a bona fide underground rail system.

That's the case with our commenter du jour, octavius, who says the Westside subway will reward commuters with a traffic-free trip regardless of what's going on topside:

Did the building of a Subway in New York, Tokyo, Paris or Berlin solve their traffic problems? you are correct……The Answer is NO.

Because the POINT OF A SUBWAY IS TO NOT DRIVE. People that drive will be punished with Traffic and high priced parking. People that take public transit are rewarded with a shorter commute.

A “Subway to the Sea” is the Solution to sitting in the inevitable gridlock and growth of Los Angeles into the metropolis that it's supposed to be…… supplying people an alternative way to get to the west side.

Anyone against it has NO CLUE as to how the major metropolis of the world work.

You buyin' it? (Well, actually you are, since your tax dollars are paying for this thing).

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