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After we interviewed Andrew W.K. last fall about his album of cover songs from the Gundam franchise, we have been curious as to whether or not there's a chance that the rocker would perform those songs at an anime convention. Knowing that others had been wondering the same thing aloud on Twitter, we posed the question to him at Revolver's Golden Gods Nominations. Below is the musician's response.

“If I'm asked, I absolutely would [play a convention].

“In my hometown, Ann Arbor, in southeast Michigan, there's a hotbed of anime enthusiasts there. I would like to think that it's because of the university, but there's something special about southeast Michigan that attracts a certain kind of mind and a certain kind of pursuit. I think it's one of the largest hubs of anime fandom in the U.S. If I'm mistaken, I pray that it will be, but I think it already is. It's massive. Someone approached us in Ann Arbor who runs a collectible store, an anime store, and said that this is the largest distributor for Gundam merchandise. I was very happy. I thought that was a divine sign, even though I wasn't as familiar with Gundam when I was growing up in Ann Arbor, to have moved away from there and do this project and then find out that people in my hometown are huge, diehard fans. That was a great experience and I hope they like my versions of the songs.”

In the meantime, you will be able to catch W.K. on Warped Tour this summer. His Close Calls with Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind double-disc will be out in March.

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