On Thursday, English drum & bass/dubstep artist Wilkinson will play a set at the Exchange L.A., so we grabbed the chance to speak to him about what we can expect.

L.A. WEEKLY: We're coming up on two years since Hypnotic — do you have any new recorded material on the way?
WILKINSON: I can’t believe it’s been almost two years. I’ve been constantly writing new material in between touring the last album. I’ve got lots of new music ready to release in 2019 that I’m really excited about.

How do you think your sound/style has evolved in the meantime?
The thing I love about music, drum & bass more specifically, is that it constantly evolves year by year. It’s not just the music that evolves but also the production levels. It’s something that I’ve always been drawn to, trying techniques and new methods to make my productions the best they can be. More recently I’ve been really into recording live instruments and using less samples to make my sound more authentic. I’m really excited for people to hear my new material in 2019.

How do you rate the current state of the drum & bass/dubstep/bass music scene in England right now?
It’s in a great place, as I said before. Music is constantly evolving and this is especially noticeable in dance music. Trends push artists to try new things and evolve their sounds, and it’s really noticeable in the U.K.

Drum & bass has been consistently popular over the years in the U.K. in clubs and also on the radio, and right now it’s getting a lot of love. Especially the “jump up” sound that I feel like shares a lot of the same characteristics as dubstep.

Do you enjoy playing L.A.? Any great memories?
I’ve played some great shows in the U.S over the years and have been lucky enough to do a few shows in L.A. with Insomniac and Bassrush. I love the diversity of the crowds here. I don’t feel like I’ve played here enough, though. I’ve always found it hard to perform in all the cities I’d like to whilst being able to spend enough time in my studio. It’s safe to say I’m very excited about my show at Exchange L.A., and I’m excited to spend more time over here taking in the bass culture.

What can we expect from your set?
I’ve got so much music to play from my first and second album and lots of new unreleased music to test out. I’ve just got to work out how I’m going to fit it all in. But I guess that’s what makes DJing so exciting.

Wilkinson plays with Calyx & Teebee, Loadstar, Scooba, B2B, Soothslayer, MC Dino and MC Dre at 10 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 24, at Exchange L.A.

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