Wildstreet Recall Labelmates Filter: Eric Jayk of rockers Wildstreet told us about his Filter SXSW experience, and a little bit more.

Eric Jayk: SXSW 2011. Filter played on the main stage. All their gear was malfunctioning and they could use their backing tracks or do their usual show. Instead of cancelling the show, they played an amazing set totally off the cuff. My producer was hanging out with us at the festival, to this day we still talk about Filter at SXSW. I am a huge fan of the band these days, and they are also signed to Golden Robot Records.

Wildstreet has had so many great experiences and shows over the past 15 years. It would be easy to choose one of our festival gigs such as Rocklahoma, Rockfest or Glam/Sleaze Germany as  one “our best” gigs, I’d say that the shows that have been most memorable are not the expected.

In 2021, we played two shows in France, one was at Cherrydon in Marseille and the other at Rock ‘n’ Eat in Lyon. These were our first two shows EVER in France. The crowd was a mix of folks who have been longtime fans of the band and some new fans or just fans of glam/sleaze rock. They were rockin out HARD the whole show! From the get-go of 2021 crowds were much more reserved , another unfortunate effect of the pandemic, so it was great to see!

Just a quick side note thanks to Cherrydon and Christian Imperato because they also prepared a multi-course meal (which included vegan options!) of French local cuisine and wine. It was a great show, and a great party!

Wildstreet Recall Labelmates Filter: The Wildstreet III album is out not via Golden Robot.

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