Over Michael Jackson's lifetime, we saw him become many things he wasn't. He was zoot-suited gangster, an ancient Egyptian pop star, and once, only once, a car. But with all of these incarnations of the king of pop and his mix-matched, multifaceted style, Jackson's fixation with Western wear went largely unnoticed.

The Autry Museum highlights Jackson's cowboy aesthetic in their new exhibit, “How the West Was Worn by… Michael Jackson.” From the museum: “Millions of people around the world saw his elaborate costumes, but very few realized the Western influence in the design. The Autry National Center's installation shows how Jackson's use of Western wear evolved over the years, reflecting his ability to use classic Western styles in distinctive ways.”

On Sunday, the museum and Hot 92.3 will celebrate Jackson's birthday with cake and a Thriller dance along.

So put on your own western wear, (yes, acid-wash cut-off daisy dukes count) and moonwalk or mosey on over to the Autry.

Featured items on display include:

Cowboy outfit

Western-style belt and buckle

Steel cowboy boots

Red bib-front shirt with black trim

Designers Tompkins/Bush's original sketch

Black 501 Levi's jeans

Black fedora hat

Aviator sunglasses

Single white glove

And here's MJ's cameo in another Western:

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