Oh, hipsters, your Wi-Fi network names are so clever and funny. Like the one named “Al-Qaeda Free Terror Network.”

That one is so hilarious that when a passenger using an internet device came across it as the traveler's plane ascended, crew members were notified and the American Airlines flight to London took a U-turn back to its LAX terminal last night, authorities said.

The passenger jet was searched and those on-board were questioned, but the owner of said network near the L.A. coastline had yet to be located, an LAX police spokeswoman told us.


The costly discovery means that those aboard flight 136 to London during the 9:28 p.m. scare won't be back in the air until about 1 p.m. today, LAX police's Karla Ortiz said.

According to a statement from that department, the reason it's taking so long to get back in the sky isn't fear of terrorism but rather the fact that the flight crew “timed out” for rest and wouldn't be able to get back to work until this afternoon.

LAX police stated that this is what went down:

At about 2128 hours yesterday, LAXPD responded to a call from American Airlines (AA) at Terminal 4 regarding Flight 136 departing from LAX to London. A passenger reported that while searching for a wireless network, his electronic device discovered a connection that said ‘Al-Qaeda Free Terror Network.’ The passenger reported this to the airline and the flight was returned to the gate for further investigation. Passengers have been questioned and released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

Ortiz indicated that authorities did try to track down the owner of that wi-fi network but that they couldn't find the person and that the search was probably off at this point.

We reached out to American Airlines for its response but had yet to hear back from a representative.

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