Whyte Fang in Coachella Wonderland: Alexandra Sholler, aka Whyte Fang, is perhaps best known as her other alias, Alison Wonderland. We wrote a cover feature on Wonderland a year ago, and she told us during the interview that she was thinking of bringing Whyte Fang, her first musical alias, back. She’s done just that, and she wowed the Coachella weekend one crowd. We spoke to her just before her weekend two set…

Last time we spoke, for an Alison Wonderland cover feature, you were flirting with the idea of bringing Whyte Fang back – I guess it went well…

It did go well. I put everything into the project. I’m pretty damn proud.


How did Coachella weekend one go for you?

Oh my god, I was so proud of my team and myself. It translated exactly how I wanted it to and more. I had so many people messaging me. A lot of people didn’t even know it was me, which is awesome because we had an overflowing tent and I didn’t expect it. A lot of people were saying that was their favorite show of the weekend. I just think everything that I saw in my head completely translated on stage. I had a really strong vision for this show and we worked for eight to six months on this show actually with the visuals and the setup, and everything. I was telling someone yesterday, my friend, how it’s so crazy when you see something in your head and then it materializes. You have a vision and then it materializes exactly how you saw it in your head. That is such a rare feeling. That’s what happened with this set. I look back at videos and am like, ‘wow, that’s exactly what I saw in my head when I had the idea at first.


What is the concept? The computer voice when you come on stage has shades of HAL about it…

It’s not really related to Space Odyssey. I just wanted this to be a ‘beyond me’ performance. I feel like when I’m doing my Alison show, it’s very personal. I’m singing on all the tracks. I’m the frontwoman. But for this kind of music, and the environment I wanted to create and the adventure I wanted to crowd to go on, it actually wasn’t about me and I didn’t want to be the main focal point of the show. The show is a visual audio experience. So I wasn’t the main focus, and I didn’t want to be.


Was Whyte Fang always like that or has it evolved?

I did vocals early on with Whyte Fang, but it was never at the forefront of the song and I worked with other vocalists too. I didn’t even have my face up for that, so it’s never really been about me. When I write my albums as Alison, it’s just so personal. It’s a Dear Diary thing, whereas this is an energy thing.


How did Coachella, as Whyte Fang, differ to other festivals shows you’ve played?

The biggest difference is I was in a box. So my eyesight was a little limited. I could see maybe the first 20 rows of people. I didn’t know if there were people there beyond that. I’m kinda in the background. I’m DJing the set, and DJing my album. The rest is really about what my visuals and lighting team are doing. We actually dressed them up. The only time I’m visible during the set is when there’s a blacklight shining on my. I’m in complete blacklight makeup and my outfit’s only visible when you put a blacklight on it. I actually did the same thing with my lightning and visuals crew. When they were working, there was a blacklight shining on them as well. They are as much a part of the show as I am.


And you did it while eight months pregnant…

Yeah, the baby was kicking so much during the set, more than I’ve ever had it. I was actually a bit concerned. “I don’t know if you like or hate this.” But yeah, here I am. People keep asking me how I’m doing it and I don’t know. I just love playing shows and making music, so to me that’s never felt like a burden. It’s always felt like the thing that makes me feel happy and uplifts me. So when I’m doing that, even at eight months pregnant, I’m feeling uplifted and good. I am a little bit more tired and standing up is really hard, but apart from that…


Were you able to check anyone else out?

On that day, I was too busy prepping. I wanted to. I heard Doechii’s set actually. I was in the artist’s area and listening to her. I saw Bad Bunny, actually. I was a little bit exhausted from the show after that, so I had to relax on Saturday. On Sunday, I went out and saw some acts. I saw Bjork, I went to the Do Lab and saw Party Favor X Baauer play because they’re my friends.


Will the set change at all for weekend two?

This set is super locked because it’s so dependent on visuals and lighting. It’s all time coded and completely synched up with each song. So all I do is mix, and every individual track is set, completely timecode, to the visuals. Especially because this is an album set, it’s not really that kind of show. 


What’s next for the rest of the year, for Whyte Fang or Alison Wonderland (besides having a baby)?

I have Red Rocks. I come back about three months after everything’s happened. I have some shows. I’m really excited about Red Rocks, I’m really excited about potentially doing more Whyte Fang stuff this year. I also have EDC Vegas before I have the baby. So pray for me. I’m sure I’ll be ok.

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