When you are taking CBD products, you need to get the dosage right and take it regularly: Here’s how!

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You’ve decided to take charge of your wellness and incorporate CBD products into your daily regimen. First of all, congratulations on making this decision to focus on your health, well-being, and importantly, your sleep. This is a great first step to help your body work and feel its best.

From CBD gummies to tinctures and more, all those different doses and CBD product types can get a little overwhelming. So, let’s talk about what to choose, how much to take, and how you can begin to enjoy your life more calmly on CBD.

Begin with Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

We have an evolving paradigm of cannabinoids and how they affect the human body thanks to ongoing research that supports using CBD for calm, improved sleep, and other wellness perks. But there are good reasons we recommend beginning your CBD journey with broad spectrum CBD oils.

  1. Broad spectrum CBD is the type without detectable THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid, and people respond variably to THC use. For some it creates a more calming feeling, but there are people who don’t like that feeling or who are super sensitive to the effects of THC.
  2. Beginning with broad spectrum gives you a baseline for how cannabinoids affect your body.
  3. It’s easier to add in other CBD products or switch to a full spectrum CBD (the kind with THC) after you know your perfect CBD threshold to maintain.

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Choose the Right CBD Product Strength

When you go to order your broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures, you’ll see that there are a variety of strengths and flavors to choose from. This can be intimidating, so we’ll break that down for you in easy, applicable steps for choosing the right dosage of CBD for you. Then we’ll tackle the administration path you’ll follow to make your journey on CBD a pleasant and productive one.

Step One: Go ahead and review the flavors and strengths to see what’s available for you. Our broad spectrum comes in Natural, Berry, Orange, and Mint flavors. Strengths include 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, 3000 mg, 5000 mg, and 7500 mg. These are based on the amount of CBD per bottle.

Step Two: Choose your strength based on two factors: your level of need and your body size + metabolism. There’s no miracle number here. Just choose based on the strength you think you’ll need and plan to go up in strength the next month, if need be.

Step Three: Order one bottle for the first month to use for your CBD “trial run.” And yes, it takes a month on CBD to accurately gauge how it affects you and if you need a stronger dosage.

TIP: If you’re unsure what strength to buy, get the strength you think you’ll need and go ahead and buy the next strongest strength too. That way, if the first few weeks you feel it’s not enough, you can go ahead and move up to the next strength.

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Your Regular CBD Regimen

Your first month on CBD might be the most important month. There are packaging instructions that explain a half-dropper is a full dose (it’s marked on the dropper) but you’ll not start out on a full dose the first week. For the first week, take a smaller amount. After the first week, work your way up a little at a time until you are taking a full dose, morning and night.

Always take your CBD regularly. Always. This allows you to get a baseline of continuous CBD in your system – and this is when the magic happens. Be consistent and regular with your doses. Take it once in the morning and once in the evening.

After your first month of regularity, you’ll be able to assess how you feel: How does your mind feel? How does your body feel? Are you sleeping OK?

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Combining CBD Products Works Best for Many People

When you are using cannabinoids, there’s a basic idea to keep in mind: layering your cannabinoids means that they work in partnership to amplify the effects. This means that you can keep your baseline of broad spectrum CBD ongoing and add in other products as needed.

Some folks add in a CBD sleep aid at night or a calming CBD gummy during the day on stressful days.

You also have the option after your first month to switch over to full spectrum CBD with THC in it. If you do this, start over at step one with your new tinctures to establish your baseline, then again, add in additional products like CBD for sleep and CBD gummies for calm, etc. The strongest CBD products we have for calm are labeled Delta 9 THC products: use these after you’ve gotten a good understanding of your body on CBD products.

Any CBD regimen takes time. But to unlock your body’s true potential – isn’t it worth taking the time to get it right? Remember: You are worth it!


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