You might get the impression, after the weekend's 1,000-strong protest against Jimmy Kimmel at Disney's Burbank headquarters, that most of the Chinese-speaking world is out for the head of the late-night talker following his “kill everyone in China” skit.

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You'd be wrong. Taiwan has never been a huge fan of Chinese nationalist urges, unless those urges were its own, and in this case it appears some folks of Taiwanese descent are almost amused by China's general disgust with the controversy:

Take, for example, the latest product of the Taiwanese animation firm Next Media, the folks behind the famous Tiger Woods spoof:

It lambastes the protesters for having a standard of disgust that doesn't seem to apply, for example, to China's treatment of Tibet's independence movement: ” … Why not print some protest signs for the Tibetans,” the video asks.

And it differentiates the Taiwanese from the target of the skit: “Everyone in China.”

(Kimmel's regular “Kid's Table” segment appeared to elicit an off-the-cuff comment from a young boy when the Jimmy Kimmel Live host asked how America should repay debt owed to China. The child responds, ” … Kill everyone in China.” And Kimmel repeats it, incredulously.)

The Next Media video put it this way:

The kid said kill everyone in China, not kill all Chinese people. Nobody in ethnically Chinese Taiwan was offended by the comment because we have a sense of humor. So maybe the protesters should get a sense of humor.


A highly placed official at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in L.A., who didn't want his name used, told the Weekly that the perceived insult “really doesn't have to do with us.”

He added:

I haven't heard anything from the Taiwanese community saying they are going to join this protest.

The video also suggests that the United States could “just sell them opium like the British did last time.”


One protester told us previously that the demonstrators will stop short of nothing other than Kimmel's resignation or the show's cancellation. People are pissed.

Tian Wang of the Beijing International Cultural Union told us:

Jimmy just went too far. He can't just apologize. That really hurt our feelings as Chinese Americans.

The network and Kimmel combined have apologized three times for the skit.

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