Why Realtors choose to partner with Prolific to scale their business!

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Meet Amar Bhullar the Ceo and founder of Prolific Realtors. Amars company has been making some serious noise within the real estate advertising industry. With over billions spent on advertising a year, real estate is one of the leading industries that will always thrive in the upcoming years. They have cracked open a process that has helped 750 active brokerages and team leaders focus on scaling without any hesitation. Emerging into a scarce and unpredictable market with volatile interest rates, realtors need to maintain a healthy pipeline of leads. When interest rates are low and temperatures are beautiful, you might be flooded with clients. But theres always a winter full or market fluctuation around the bend to stop your momentum and, in turn, your commission checks.

Prepare for the unpredictable nature of real estate as long as you are in the industry as a broker and or an agent. You need to have a streamlined process and a dedicated system to get in front of clients every single day no matter what market you are in.

How has Prolific helped over 500 plus teams and agents scale!

Prolific Media has changed the focus of Sales acquisition and are strictly focused on driving partnerships with their clients to ensure that they have a position to make money with them. The position at Prolific has been to help professionals scale using our horizontal scaling methods and ISA team to develop a relationship with.

Why should you partner with a performance company rather than a subscription?

Millions have been generated through partnership arrangements but with the comparison that has been developed with competing companies like Zillow, Bold Leads, Agent Locator, etc have been only focused on driving a monthly vague service delivery that has left millions of dollars gone to waste in the advertising and marketing space for realtors each month. Amar and his team at Prolific, practice an authentic scaling method that allows professionals to take full control of their business while they develop through education processes. Rather than renting or leasing systems and or processes from different companies why don’t realtors own the entire process from scratch.

Simple steps to take control through advertising

Identify the target market

This is probably the number one strategy that you can use to become truly successful as a real estate agent. Many real estate brokers and businesses focus on a niche market and become an expert in that market. This gives you an idea about whats driving the target market currently, what risks are involved, and most importantly where the market is headed in the short and long term.

Set aside your budget for advertising

Another major factor in successfully expanding your real estate business is to develop a marketing budget and stick to it.

There are literally hundreds of avenues to spend your marketing dollars on, such as real estate advertising through a social media platform. Your spend must be based on your target audience. Focus on developing your database of homeowners before you enter the third phase of the scaling process.

Nurturing and communication

We live in a world that is moving at a much faster pace than ever before. It is very important to respond to customer queries or else you will risk losing new business.

You must have access to email via a smartphone at all times and ensure that you respond to a customer request as soon as possible. You cannot wait to respond until the next day in this business. If you are prompt in responding, it adds to your credibility and reputation. The reality is that most professionals lose out on business every year strictly because they can not have a way to stay top of mind with their clients

Feedback loop

Create momentum and focus on spiking your appointment volume through conversation momentum. Focusing on contract ratios every month will allow you to be in a position to be in control of your sales frequency. Understanding these metrics will allow you to understand how you need to tweak your sales cycle and framework for pitches. Understanding market conditions and changing your listing or buyer consultation presentation is also essential in order for you to touch main points.

Prolific partnerships

Prolific has been an industry leading company within the real estate space for over 4 years and is continuing to help realtors take control of their business by using an arsenal of tools and systems to guarantee over 100-150k in commissions for independent realtors and brokerages. The main currency that is focused on for any service based business is consultations/ appointments. If you understand how many appointments you need, you will be able to control your business.

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