Why is California so liberal, you ask? Why is it so broke?

Some folks are having a little fun with Google's autocorrect search function, finding that top questions about our beloved Golden State included ones that weren't so flattering. You can try it yourself by typing “Why is California so” in your search box.

According to venture capitalist and occasional blogger Renee DiResta (via Slate), people want to know, in this order, why we're so liberal, broke, anti-gun and expensive. But …

… these aren't exactly questions that embody Shit Californians Say. In fact, the autocorrect function seems to have filled in different, slightly more flattering things since DiResta did her research.

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

“Great,” “awesome,” and “hot” have joined the party.

That's a hell of a lot better than what she found for other states. Boring was a top search term for Indiana, Maine and Ohio. Georgia, DiResta found, is hot, racist and boring. And Oregon, the home of Portlandia, is liberal, weird, raining and boring.

Try it yourself.

Oh, and the answer to the liberal question is this: It's because we're so close to the beach, the dispensaries and Ed Begley Jr. Leftism is all around us.

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