We've talked about how these are trying times for band names.

Whereas groups once named themselves after animals or simple concepts that described their character or sound, in recent years they've tended to prefer the arbitrary and twee.

The latest trend is for male-dominated bands to name themselves after females. 

You may have noticed this, but if not, you will be shocked by just how many examples there are. (Please let us know who we missed.) Oh Twisted Sister, what hath you wrought?
Boy Groups With Girl Names

Girl Talk: Perhaps the grandaddy (or grandmother) of this trend, DJ Gregg Michael Gillis is, by all accounts, a boy. 

Girls: Girls stormed out of San Francisco in 2007 with two male members, Christopher Owens and Chet White. They disbanded a couple of years ago, but not before infecting all of indie rock with their naming meme. 

The Abigails: When asked by L.A. Record who's in the Abigails right now, leader Warren Thomas said: “Well Kyle and I do all the songwriting, recording, etc., and then we've got our crew. Ellie Mae, Shayda and Fish.” None of those people appear to be named Abigail, and some of them sound like dudes!

Babes; Credit: Jason MacDonald

Babes; Credit: Jason MacDonald

Babes: Babes are a new band from L.A. consisting of four guys and one lady. At our request their publicist asked them how they chose their name and they said: “It was either between 'U3' or 'Babes' and 'Babes' felt good.” (P.S. Whoever says first in the comments that boys can be babes too wins the prize of being a dork.)

Queen Beef: Says band member Nick: “I wanted to name the band DUMFUX or THE SKINTAGZ haha. I don't know…Our singer Mikey is 'The Queen' and the other three of us are 'The Beef.'” 

Little Girl Blue: This is the one MAN project of L.A. artist Julian Ducatenzeiler, who is, like more than one group on this list, signed to Lolipop Records. We asked him how he came up with his name: “Just a stream of consciousness idea. Started as my Instagram tagline.”

Landlady: Five dudes! They probably don't even own property.

Clorox Girls: Nothing but a bunch of men! 

Kera and the Lesbians: Kera's the only lesbian in the group, and the only non-man. The Lesbians themselves are fellas.

Your Ugly Sister: Could be uglier. 

Extra Bonus: Girl Acts With Boy Names

Boyfriend: You wouldn't want to have the rapper Boyfriend as your boyfriend, unless you were into women, because Boyfriend is a girl.

Mr. Little Jeans; Credit: Photo by Drew McFadden

Mr. Little Jeans; Credit: Photo by Drew McFadden

Mr. Little Jeans: Does this look like the kind of person who should be addressed as Mister? 

The End

P.S. The greatest group going right now is Girlpool. Because they're actually girls.

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